"The best thing you can ever create on this earth is the process of creating yourself with utmost love and passion" - Janhavi Pore


Thankyou, 2018

So here we are. The end of it. End of the year that just ran in a snap of hand. Most of the teenagers like me didn't even realise what we actually did this entire year. What did we actually achieve to celebrate the end of this year with satisfaction and parties ( apart from [...]

An empty envelopeāœ‰

What does it feel like to be empty? Lost? Trapped? But how happy it feels to be an envelope? The feelings expressed in a single sheet of paper live in it, desperately waiting to be opened. Emptiness is hoped to be filled by someone. Infinite emotions, millions of memories is what the envelope actually contains. [...]

Aura of the Dawn

My eyes are set upon the fiery role of the sun, Burning the life of each and one, Yet the dawn has a million stories, Hidden within it, beneath it, singing its glories.   The colours get reflected at the back of my eyes, The aura of the dawn shines in the shadiest of lights. [...]


As I lay down, brooding, my body is supine, when every single part of the universe has something to say. Millions of stories on this one huge planet, millions of stories around the planet, and yours is one of them. The good and the evil, conflate for the purpose of never letting anyone take the [...]

A note to self

Dear Self, Every scar has a beauty. Every soul has a story. I know it's difficult to love your flaws, but do so. In fact, be proud of owing them. Never run away, from people, or any circumstances. Have the guts to face them. Always remember, there is always some peace even in the most [...]